I invested $20,000 in the following companies on February 17, 2021:

Apple, Disney, FaceBook, Amazon, Target. They where the companies I thought of.

By May 25, 2021, I gained:


I learned a lot about the Stock Market. For example, it is very stressful, chaotic, and unpredictable. But, it is also very rewarding. For example, one week you can lose $300 and the next day, you make $10,000! I truly enjoy this experience. And now I have experience in the stock market so that if I do ever decide to invest my own money, I know how to do it.

Ted Talk

Hello! So in class these past couple weeks we have been watching  TED talks in class. Then, after we had watched a lot off them, my teacher told us to pick a topic that we know a lot about, and to write and perform a ted talk on it. I chose dog training because I know a lot about it and have experience in it. I talked about the different personalities dogs can have and what tricks work well. I will include the script below, since I couldn’t add the video. And I will add a picture of them dog that I refer to in the script. His name is Cooper, he is a mini dachshund, and his name in Super Cooper because he is really fast. He is a really good boy.

What do you think of when you see this picture. (shows picture) You might think cute, adorable, ugly even. But that’s just a face. Behind that is a whole ‘nother world worth exploring. There are six different personalities that dogs can have. This will determine what kind of training skills you will have to develop to train this pup. 


The Aggressive is only for experienced trainers, and is NOT FOR CHILDREN. That being said, this dog will require lots and lots of patience. You need to train every day, and assert YOUR dominance.


The Confident pup will also be very dominant and loyal to their master. They are a bit difficult to train,  but once they are trained, they are completely loyal to their master.


The Outgoing doggy will be fairly easy to train, and is perfect for children or someone who is just learning how to train dogs.


The Insecure one may be a bit tricky, but lots of treats and positive reinforcement will do the trick.


Adaptable won’t be hard for sure, and I highly recommend it for children. They are very easygoing, and not startled easily. 


Finally, we have Independent. Now, these pups will take a bit more time, as they will provide lots of resistance to human leadership, so you will need to assert your dominance.


Here are a few tricks I have found when training these little buddies.


  1. The best treat ever is little pieces of cheese
  2. Positive reinforcement is highly recommended. Negative reinforcement may give the dog a bad attitude towards training time.
  3. Be repetitive. Make sure that when you are learning a new trick, you will need to practice it every day.
  4. Sitting is the base for all things. The first thing your dog needs to know is how to sit still. Not squirming or moving.


A few things that I would like to mention that I have learned from the dogs I train.


  1. Squirrels are the worst
  2. Human food tastes so much better than kibble
  3. Leaves are best eaten off the ground, not from the tree
  4. Belly rubs are awesome


I’ll turn it back to Live Hannah for questions