Daily Habit

Hello! So during November and December, my daily habit was planking. Every day it would increase by 10 seconds and at the end of December, it got up to, about, 4 minutes. Now you’re probably thinking ‘it’s just 4 minutes, what’s the big deal?’ Well, if you haven’t planked for that long before, you will get so sore. Back to the topic. So after December, I picked a different habit. This time, I picked a baking habit. I am going to be baking 3 thing per week. Last week I made that roll cake. But I don’t know. I enjoy it, someone else might not. What do you think?


Hey everyone! Today’s post is about baking. Since Hanukkah is over tomorrow, I thought I would share a recipe for my jelly-donut cookies. I recently perfected my recipe,  which is shown below. They aren’t kosher, so these aren’t for conservative Jews. They are delicious, but they are very thick, like biscuits, so they hold heat in longer so be careful. Hope you enjoy, and have a happy holiday season.

2 1/4 cups all purpose flour

3/4 cup butter (room temperature)

1/2 cup powered sugar

1 tsp vanilla flavor

1/2 tsp baking salt

milk as needed

Preheat oven to 350°F

preheat oven to 350°F

Mix butter and sugar thoroughly.once mixed together thoroughly add flour, salt, vanilla flavoring. Once that is thoroughly mixed add milk. Shape into thumbprint cookies and add your favorite jam. Cooking oven for 16 minutes. Let cool and enjoy.



Wisdom Tales: Feathers

Four things that you should know about my wisdom tale.

1. The wisdom tale that I chose is called Feathers. I picked it because I really like the moral, especially since people nowadays think that when they say ‘no offense’, they think that that makes whatever they’re about to say not offensive.Well, it doesn’t. And it makes me upset that people will say that and then believe that their words don’t have consequences, when they very much too.

2.I used Comic Life to create this comic. It is a very interesting app and I enjoyed using it to create this comic. It was a lot of fun. I recommend it for anybody who wants to do a more abstract version of a project that they have been assigned.

3.The definition of a wisdom tale is a story house down through generations that usually has a moral.

4.The reason I enjoyed this project was because it was very abstract and it wasn’t like “you have to use slides” or “you have to use Keynote” and “you have to do research on this project” no, this is very artistic and I got to do a lot of drawing which I enjoy so thank you ,Miss Donnelly, for assigning me this project.









Remote learning week

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about the remote learning week at my school. I felt that the work load was perfect! It was enough to challenge me, but not so much that I have to stay up late to finish. My favorite lesson probably was the LA lessons because I enjoyed seeing everybody’s pets when we were planking. I enjoyed the rest of the classes as well, because I am a fully remote student, and when you’re in a class, you feel kind of left out. For example, if someone makes a funny joke, and everyone laughs, and as a remote student, you don’t hear the joke, but you do hear everyone laughing, and it makes you feel left out. But when we were all online, when someone made a joke, everyone heard it. So overall, I very much enjoyed the fully remote week!!

What I am grateful for

Hello everyone! As Thanksgiving gets closer, and many of us are encouraged to stay home, including myself, we are getting tired of this virus. But here is a good way to get it off your mind. Instead of thinking of what you want, or need, we should think about what we are grateful for. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, and food in my belly. I am glad I have the resources to bake cheesecake, cookies, and pies. I am happy that everyone I love is safe, and I know it sounds cheesy, like extra extra extra nachos cheesy, but I am grateful for my family.

What I Am Reading


Hello fellow graphic novel lovers! I am here today, and I am going to be talking about Big Nate: Flips Out by Lincoln Pierce. I sincerely enjoyed all the books in the Big Nate series, but this one is my favorite by far. Here is the blurb on the back of the book, so you know what it’s about. “Nate and Francis are best pals, unshakable amigos, they never let each other down….. until now. When Nate get Francis in BIG trouble he needs to fix it, and fast! Can Nate clean up his act? Or is someone else out to ruin everything- big time.” -Lincoln Pierce

That’s all for now!



Halloween store


Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Now, to talk about Halloween! It’s nearly here, and quarantine is worse than ever. So how are we supposed to trick or treat? Well, there are some options.


1. Wear gloves, and sanitize the candy

2. Buy candy for yourself

3. Don’t participate


Hope you enjoyed this post!


Pitt Bulls

What I notice is dog breeds. And there is one breed I like the most. Pit Bulls! I don’t get why people look at a face like this guy’s, and pass him by, just because of his breed! Most Pit Bulls are the sweetest dogs I have ever met! These dogs are so cute and sweet! And sadly, most of the Pit Bulls in shelters will never find a forever home. So stand with me and help these doggies! #savethepitbulls!!!!


‘Hamilton’ Took the world by storm in 2016 but has since then made a comeback since it came out on Disney+ on July 3. If I had to describe ‘Hamilton’ in four words, they would be “Disney just made millions” but seriously, this show is really good!  My personal fav is “Alexander Hamilton” I seriously recommend this movie. That’s all for now. To wrap this up.

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